About The Project

“The Project for Enhancing the Learning Opportunities of Children with Autism through Technology” which is supported by Istanbul Development Agency is carried out by Tohum Autism Foundation. Within the scope of the project, the site of www.tohumegitim.com has been built in order for the children with autism who are in a disadvantageous position to be able to learn the concepts that they can use in communication, academic and daily life more efficiently, easily and enjoyably in any environment through technology. The specialists of Special Education School of Tohum Foundation have developed 300 pieces of different concepts in total within the scope of 50 pieces of education programs set which the children with autism can use in daily life for concept teaching sets aimed to be given to those who are in the period of special pre-school education and who get training within special education at 1st stage of elementary education or as inclusive student. Within the project where the learning opportunities of children are aimed to be enhanced through technology, pilot schemes have been carried out in two special education schools in Istanbul, one of which is Special Education School of Tohum Foundation. www.tohumegitim.com has been put into service by considering the evaluations of the children participating in the scheme, teachers and parents, by completing the necessary modifications in software. In order for the concept teaching sets software contained by the site of www.tohumegitim.com which may be benefited free of charge to be generalized, introductory seminars have been given to educators and families in the districts of Bagcilar, Kadikoy, Sisli, Zeytinburnu and Beylikduzu in Istanbul. You may continue to benefit from the site free of charge after its completion in timing within the scope of project schedule, the continuation of the project will be maintained by Tohum Autism Foundation. This web site has been built within the scope of the Project for Enhancing the Learning Opportunities of Children with Autism through Technology which is supported by Istanbul Development Agency. The sole responsibility concerning the contents belongs to Tohum Turkey Autism Early Diagnosis and Education Foundation and doesn’t reflect the opinions of Istanbul Development Agency or Ministry of Development.